Polythene Bag

Polythene Bag


Q. 1. Does a Polythene bag get dissolved ?

Ans. No, it never gets dissolved.

Q. 2. Whose hurt melt down like Polythene bag ?

Ans. Man’s hurt melts down like polythene bag.

Q.3. Where the Polythene bag is buried ?

Ans. The polythene bag is buried within the soil.

Q.4. What comes back again and again ?

Ans. A pain comes again and again.

Q. 5. When does a Polythene bag make a noise ?

Ans. When we touch it a polythene makes a noise.

Q. 6. How do the germs of disease grow ?

Ans. The germs of disease grow when polythene bag is left in the garbage bag for a long time.

Q.7. What does the word Hurl” stand for ?

Ans. ‘Hurt’ stands for harm. Here polythene bag is a hurt. substance that always gives us pain.

Q.8. What causes pain ?

Ans. As the polythene bag never gets dissolve, it gives us a dangerous consequence. Such a thing is painful.

Q.9. How does it affect environment ?

Ans. It pollutes environment when gives pungent smell and produces germs of disease.

Q.10. “The Polythene bag remains within”, explain.

Ans. The poet has given a real existence of a polythene bag. Due to its permanent nature, it harms us in many ways. When it is buried within the ground, its existence is not affected.

Q.11. Why does the poet compare hurt with a Polythene bag,? Give any two reasons.

Ans. According to the poet, a polythene bag means hurt or pain. Due to its nature it ever gives us harm. And any harm hurts human beings. When it is thrown, it pollutes environment and when burnt, it exudes a poisonous smell.

Q.12. Have you ever been hurt ? Write your feeling in your own words.

Ans. Yes, I have been hurt many times. I remember. When I was in Xth, I laboured hard and so expected for better result. But I got only 80 percent marks that hurt me a lot. My parents did say nothing but some people of my neighbours commented upon me. When I hear their sharp words, I get hurt.

Q.13. How does a Polythene bag pollute our environment ?

Ans. A polythene bag has one use but many harmful effects. It causes air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution. It gives a chance to grow germs of disease. Each and every p such a mundane thing.

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