Two Horizons

Two Horizons

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Q.1. Comment on the bond between the mother and her daughter.

Ans. The bond between the mother and her daughter is that of love, affection and above all womanhood in Indian background.

Q.2. Why is the daughter filled with a sense of weariness and emptiness? Have you ever experienced like her ?

Ans. Daughter’s dream vanished in her in-laws house. She could not find the situation favourable according to her desire and need. No, I have not experienced it yet and pray to God not to put me in such hostile situation.

Q.3. What did the daughter learn from her mother ?

Ans. The daughter learned the secret of laughter from her mother. She also learned the mantra of loving pain and hardship and of loving life from her mother.

Q. 4. What did the mother feel after going through her daughter’s letter ?

Ans. The mother felt very happy after reading her daughter’s letter. Because, it had come after a very long time. She answered her daughter with a sense of high optimism. She wrote, “I believe you can touch the horizon of that infinite.

Q. 5. What picture of the statue of women in the family is represented in Two horizons’?

Ans. In the story “Two Horizons’ we find a realistic picture of the status of Indian women in the family. The mother represents the traditional woman while the daugher is the modern woman. They have to suffer silently in the family.

Q.6. What had the mother advised her daughter ?

Ans. The mother advised her daughter that the circle of fulfilment is always limited while unfulfillment is boundless.

Q.7. Comment on the bond between the mother and her daughter .

Ans. The mother is the traditional Indian woman while her daughter is the modern woman. The daughter considers her mother to be an ideal woman. She writes a letter to her mother, telling her that she has failed to achieve her fulfilment in her mind. : The mother consoles her daughter by telling her that the circle of fulfilment is limited while unfulfillment is boundless and she will have to seek the key to fulfilment within herself.

Q. 8. Point out the features of the two letters in terms of their format, language and tone ?

Ans. The features of two letters are simple exchange of love and affection between a mother and an educated middle-class daughter. The format of the language is old. The language is simple but the tone of the daughter is reactionary. Mother’s tone of language is suggestive.

Q.9. “It was only your existence inside me that made me laugh on; Why does the daughter say so ? What does she mean by laugh on; ?

Ans. The words ‘laugh on’ have mysterious sense of approach. The daughter has got an adverse situation in her in-laws house. Any how she entertains herself recalling in her memory the simple teaching and nature of her own mother.

Q.10. ‘Nobody can ever tell you that you didn’t know how to bring up your daughter’! What does bring up your daughter imply here ?

Ans. ‘Bring up your daughter is used in ironical sense. The daughter bears on and tolerates every injustice with her with stoic patience. If there is any complain against the daughter, her own mother is charged for it. A daughter is taught by her mother how to remain peacefully in her in-laws house. This is ironical situation yet found in our country, so it has been said like that.

Q.11. Sketch the character of the mother. How far does your mother resemble her ?

Ans. Mother is an example of stoic patience, love and affection for her daughter. She warns her daughter not to fill in warmth of male members. Mother has experienced the strange behaviour of the daughter’s father. She expresses it in her letter. My mother is a bit different. She never discourages me. She is always ready to quarrel with anyone provided she finds me at right assertion.

Q.12. Why is the daughter filled with a sense of weariness and emptiness ?

Ans. In the story “Two Horizons’, the daughter tells her mother in a letter that she is filled with a sense of weariness and emptiness. She has performed her duties without a word of protest. Her life has become so mechanical that she is now filled with a sense of weariness and emptiness. There are no great worries at home but she feels lonely and restless.

Q.13. How does the mother analyse the situation? Do you agree with her analysis and the solution that she suggests ?

Ans. The mother analyses the situation very carefully. She understands everything. No, I don’t agree with such false notion and long-term optimism. I believe in tit for tat and immediate decision. I believe girls or women must be respected in every house and contemporary society.

Q. 14. What picture of the status of woman in the family is represented in Two Horizons ? Do you find any trace of gene ration gap in the approach to life shown by the mother and her daughter ?

Ans. Yes, the status of woman has been depicted in innocent manner. There are two prime instances of generation gap between the daughter and the mother. The daughter does not like bondage but the mother teaches her to bear everything with stoic patience. Another example is the realistic approach of the daughter. She does not like to remain in false dream.

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