Ode On Solitude

Ode On Solitude


Q.1. From whom do they get attire in ‘Ode On Solitude’?

Ans⇒ The happy man gets his attire or clothes by his flocks.

Q. 2. What is Pope’s idea of a happy man in the poem ‘Ode on Solutude’?

Ans⇒ According to the poet a happy man inherits a few acres of paternal land from his father. His attention is confined to this land and he does not want more. He lives at his own place and breathes in a free atmosphere. He lives on his field and eats and drinks which his own fields supply him and his cattle give him. –

Q.3. The poet thinks that those who are contented with what they have are happy men. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Ans⇒ Yes, I agree with the above statement. We know that ‘Desire’ has no end. If a man gets his one desire satisfied, another must arise in his mind. It is a vicious circle that goes and goes and never ends. Therefore it is better to be satisfied what we have or what we can earn with our hard work. .

Q.4. What makes our life happy-money or contentment or both ? Discuss.

Ans⇒ A little money and full satisfaction make our life happy.

Q. 5. Who is a happy man ?

Ans⇒ A man whose desire is in a limit is a happy man.

Q. 6. What is the secret of a happy life?

Ans⇒ It is a well known fact that ‘Wants are unlimited’. No man can get all of what he desires. It means “Wants’ can’t be ended, so we will have to control over our desires. Contentment gives us peace and happy life.

Q. 7. How does Alexander Pope want to live alone ? Or, Why does the poet want to live and die stealthily from the world ? How many of you would like to do so ? And Why?

Ans⇒ The poet thinks that life has now become restless due to more population and desire of getting more and more. If a man controls his greed and wants, he must get a happy life. That’s why the poet wants to live unseen and unknown and die unlamented.
Most of us don’t want so because we always try to get fame.

Q.8. Who is a blessed man?.

Ans⇒ The man whose days pass away without any worriness, is a blessed man.

Q.9. What is an ode?

Ans⇒ The ode is a lyrical poem in the form of an address to a person or an object. It is dignified in subject, tone and style. It deals with a noble theme.

Q.10. What are the features of a happy life?

Ans⇒ Contentment without any care and anxiety are the features of a happy life.

Q.11. How many of you want to be happy? What constitutes happiness?

Ans⇒ Every of us wants to be happy. Satisfaction alone constitutes happiness.

Q.12. How does a happy man spend his time?

Ans⇒ A happy man spends his time sleeping soundly, studying meditatively and entertain himself sweetly. .

Q. 13. What does the speaker mean by together mixed sweet recreation. Can these things be mixed? Have you ever tried to do so?

Ans⇒ The speaker wants to say that work is essential for getting our goal. But more work makes a man tired. Recreation gives us fresh energy which once more makes us ready to work heartly. If both are mixed in a balanced way, the life of a man would be happy. So, I always do so; not only trying to do so.

Q. 14. Is the title of the poem justified? Can you suggest any other title? Give reasons for your choice.

Ans⇒ The title of the poem is justified. In this poem, the poet has presented a peaceful life which is possible only when a man feels himself alone. He has no desire, no greed. Then only the life may be peaceful. Yes, I can suggest an apt title ‘Quiet Life’. When the life is quiet, we will get all pleasures what a man desires.

Q. 15. How may a man be happy ?

Ans⇒ If a man controls over his desires and gets satisfaction what he has may be happy.

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