Viral Video: RPF Personnel Helps Specially-abled Man Board a Train, Internet Praises His Kindness

Viral Video: Kindness and empathy are the traits which make us truly human. Now, a heartwarming video of a RPF personnel helping a specially-abled man at Tamil Nadu’s Virudhachalam railway station has gone viral. In the video that has touched many a hearts, the official is seen lifting the the man up from a wheelchair and carrying him to his seat. A woman relative is also seen along with the man. The video was posted on Twitter by IAS Supriya Sahu. She wrote, “Wonderful gesture by Mr. Saravanan, SI,RPF. He carried a passenger with special needs and helped him to board a train at Virudhachalam station. We need more people like him.”Also Read – Viral Video: Man Spotted Carrying Ox on His Bike, Video Leaves Internet Amused | Watch


The heartfelt video has touched the hearts of many, who have praised the officer for being such a kind soul. Many others thanked the officer for sharing the video. One user said, “Blessed are those who believe this way…life is beautiful with human qualities with human..” Another commented, “I am reminded of #Sadhguru’s quote -“ If your humanity is dead, you need a lot of morality. If your humanity is alive and overflowing, you will naturally do the best for yourself and everyone around you.” Truly #Saravanan anna is a living example of this . Thank u for sharing.”

However, some also demanded better infrastructure for specially-abled citizens. Another person wrote, “We need more infrastructure support for the special needs while boarding trains, buses and places where they wanted to go.” Another reiterated and said, “No ma’m, with due respect we need more stations with accessibility. I still don’t understand the platform design which is always a feet below the train. Why can’t we design our railways as the same as Metros.”

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