Upgraded Vande Bharat 2 Trains to Have New Facilities For Passengers

IRCTC Latest News Today: The Ministry of Railways on Friday said the upgraded Vande Bharat trains, known as ‘Vande Bharat 2’, will come equipped with better features to give more convenience to passengers. Moreover, the ‘Vande Bharat 2’ trains will be faster than its predecessors.Also Read – In A First, Railways Invites Pvt Players To Make, Export Wheels For High-Speed Trains

According to Indian Railways, the Vande Bharat 2 trains will be able to achieve 0-to-100 Kmph speed in just 52 seconds and a maximum speed of 180 Kmph. Also Read – IRCTC Update: Over 250 Trains Cancelled By Railways Today. Check Details Here

Moreover, the new trains will be lighter at 392 tonnes and come equipped with 32-inch LCD TVs, an upgrade from 24-inch panels installed in earlier Vande Bharat trains. Also Read – From 5 Years To 35 Years, Cabinet Approves Policy For Long-term Leasing Of Railway Land

The Indian Railways said the new trains will also be installed with air conditioners which are 15% more efficient than those equipped in the previous ones. The Railways said the ACs will have dust-free clean air cooling with a traction motor to make the travel more comfortable.

To give comfortable journey to the passengers, the Railways said the reclining chairs which were provided to Executive Class passengers in the earlier version of the trains will now be installed in all classes of the new Vande Bharat trains.

The new Vande Bharat trains will have a photo-catalytic ultraviolet air purification system in the roof-mounted Roof Mounted Package Unit (RMPU) for air purification. This new system is designed and installed in both ends of RMPU to filter and clean the air free from germs, bacteria, virus, etc. coming through fresh air and return air.

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