Man Falls On Railway Tracks, Miraculously Survives Even After Train Passes Over Him. Watch

Viral Video Today: A shocking video of a train passing over a man is going viral after which the man miraculously walked away without a scratch on his body. The incident took at Bharthana Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah.Also Read – Viral Video: Telangana Boy Hit By Speeding Train While Making Insta Reel, Chilling Video Surfaces | Watch

In the video filmed by a passenger standing on the platform, several people could be seen gathered near a spot from where the train is passing. At first, you can’t see the man as the train is passing over him for almost a minute. The video then shows people shouting at the man to stay right where he is in the corner of the tracks against the platform and to not move. Also Read – Viral Video: Uncle Stops Express Train With Hand Like An Auto, Netizens Call It Jaadu. Watch

After the train crosses the station, the man gets up and folds his hands thanking God for keeping him alive. People on the platform who witnessed the incident took a breath of relief as the man walked off unharmed. The man’s belongings could be seen lying on the tracks while he was lying in the corner. It looks like man fell on the tracks just as the train was arriving. Also Read – Viral Video: Woman Almost Crushed By Train While Crossing Tracks to Save Luggage. Watch


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