Bizarre! Astrologer Nidhi Chaudhary Trolled For Not Wearing Blouse, Twitter Users Donate Money For Her

Viral News Today: Yet another day, and yet another bizarre Twitter trend that makes us question logic! On Sunday, scores of tweets mentioning the name, ‘Nidhi’ and ‘blouse’ was one of the top trending topics on Twitter. Turns out, a section of Twitterati was busy trolling Delhi-based Youtuber and astrologer Nidhi Chaudhary for her choice of clothes. Yes, many people were left pissed and trolled Nidhi as she was not wearing a blouse under her saree. For the uninitiated, Nidhi Chaudhary is an astrologer with 14.1 K followers on Twitter. She also describes herself as a lawyer, a social media influencer, and a fashion stylist in her bio. Recently, she uploaded a video wherein she advises viewers to never exploit house-helps helpers & always help the underprivileged people.Also Read – Viral Video: Korean Boys’ Lively & Joyful Dance on Kala Chashma Impresses Desis | Watch

“One of the best remedy for Saturn/ Shani is to never exploit your helpers & help the underprivileged people,” she captioned the video. In the video, she is seen wearing a blue saree sans blouse, along with silver ornaments, rudraksha, and a black bindi.


Soon after, Twitter’s self-appointed moral police swarmed in numbers to shame Nidhi as she chose to not wear a blouse. Trolling her for fashion choice, ones user even offered to send her money to buy a blouse. The influencer replied to the message with her UPI ID, and soon other memes started to pour on Twitter. “For me you are an underprivileged woman right now, who couldn’t afford a blouse. Give me your bank account details, will transfer some money to buy one. What example are you setting for our youth? Astrology is vedic science and this is no way to use it. Cheap!!!,” one user named Anamika Tiwari wrote. “Instead of watching Brahmastra donate 500/- to this poor lady who can’t buy a blouse for herself. Help underprivileged,” another user mocked her.

Here are other reactions:

Thankfully, there were still some people who came in support of Nidhi. One user wrote, “Cant believe people’s mindset. No one in their right mind would find anything wrong in this highly educative video. More power to you NidhiJi. You know we are always with you.”

Later, Nidhi reacted to all the trolling and wrote, “What a day it was It was funny but shocking that people are so much concerned about my clothes rather their own life & other problems of the society. Well.. I had a good time. Thank you everyone.”

Though it’s 2022, the world still places restrictions on women’s clothing and judges their fashion choices. It is really sad  to see people becoming moral custodians and shaming a woman for her clothes. Maybe these people have conveniently forgotten that we belong to a nation that has a history of women not wearing blouses. Nidhi’s clothes were in no way vulgar, or distasteful. Trolling and belittling her signifies that society still wants to dictate women what to wear, and feels entitled to enforce its irrational expectations on them.

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