Angry Elephant Chases Off Safari Jeep, Leaves Tourists Terrified. Watch

Viral Video Today: Elephants are intelligent and social animals that do not attack humans unless they’re provoked or feel threatened. An elephant was recently spotted charging furiously towards a jeep in a safari park. The video shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Saket Badola. It has gone viral with over 125k views.Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Damages Car To Scratch His Itchy Back, Leaves Netizens in Splits. Watch

In the video, an elephant could be seen chasing a jeep full of tourists driving through a road in the safari park. The driver of the jeep had to reverse the vehicle quickly as the elephant charged towards it angrily, supposedly because the tourists were going through its territory and it felt threatened. Also Read – Viral Video: Wild Elephants Spotted Roaming in Jalpaiguri Army Hospital, Netizens Call It ‘Surprise Inspection’ | Watch

After the car backed up to a safe distance, the elephant could be heard angrily trumpeting and then going back towards the forest. The jeep then stopped and the person filming the video showed how frightened faces of the tourists who thought they were going to be attacked. Also Read – Viral Video: Lone Elephant Fights For His Life Against 14 Lionesses. Watch Who Wins


“Credits to the driver for his skills and keeping his cool. Not an easy situation to be in. However, authorities should investigate the reason behind the elephant’s irritation,” the IFS officer tweeted with the video.

Twitter users were concerned as to what made the elephant behave in such an aggresive way. Some users said that such safaris should be lessened in number.

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